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Stephanie K.
Psychic, Medium, Usuai Reiki Master
Stephanie Kroack Psychic, Angelic & Ascended Master Medium, Usuai Reiki Master, Living Light Healer, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Love, Life & Health Coach Call me TODAY to find unlock the answers that are waiting in YOUR SOUL to be DISCOVERED. My mission and my passion is to assist and empower you. Unleash your inner wisdom, connect with your own team of guides and find your path of self discovery in this lifetime. Whether you are craving to find a career you love, desiring more abundance, needing to shift your health in profound ways or looking to be free of the ancestral and collective programming that has been limiting you, I can help you realize your deepest dreams and live the life you imagine! I come from a long line Curanderos and Healers and have helped thousands just like you! it is my true dharma to assist you in finding joy, happiness and peace. I send you love and light, and I am so excited to work with you!
Renee H.
Reiki, Energy Healing, Medium, Past Life Regressions
Renee is multi-talented. She specializes in Reiki, energy healing, past life regressions, mediumship, relationships, empowerment, and of any life experience. She connects quickly, as you greet each other, scans your body and the healing starts. She separates energies, breaks them down to heal leaving you feeling calm, peaceful, with clarity. Ask questions, speak of feelings, share experiences, whatever you need she allows the calls to to takes it's own course for what you need in the moment.
Kiana M.
Medium, Clairvoyant, Remote viewing, Tarot cards, and Crystal healing.
I'm an empath, clairvoyant medium with the gift of remote viewing and crystal healing. I have been able to see beyond the living since I was about three years old. It was very confusing to understand why others could not see what I could see and hear. I was very blessed to have a mother (also a medium) that could explain to me how I had a gift, a connection that many individuals have to the spirit realm that allows them to see, hear, and feel more than others do. It started with dreams, my dreams always came to pass in threes, either three days, three weeks, or three months, never longer than that, but always in threes. Then it grew, and other than my angel guides, i started seeing earth plane spirits, then it moved on to darker things. So now many, many, years later, I'm able to see a wide range of different spirits. I cherish my gift dearly and have given countless private readings before joining the professional world of psychics. I feel like this is such a wonderful path to be on.
Melissa B.
Psychometry, Pendulum, Auras, Mediumship, Clair Rverything.
I am a Natural Born Psychic Medium, Author of “Born Into Shamanism,” an Actress for Western Films, a Blogger, Video Blogger, and Podcaster. I Own Umpqua Valley Psychic and Media (The Outlaw Psychic), LLC, in Roseburg, OR. I am known as “The Outlaw Psychic,” for good reason. I am Loyal to my Clients, I give fast, accurate answers, and my Ancestors are instrumental in the work that I do. Yes, I have done work with Law Enforcement, even though I was Not recognized for my work.
Robyn W.
Psychic & Evidential Medium
"I love my work. As a psychic & evidential medium, I am able to help people every single day. To me, there is nothing better than connecting you with your loved ones in the spirit world or sharing guidance for assistance when you have specific questions about your life path." Robyn began seeing spirit at two years of age and as a child, thought this was just a normal occurrence. She has been practicing as a psychic & evidential medium for 10+ years and currently teaches both psychic and mediumship development workshops and gives evidential mediumship readings to clients worldwide. Robyn has also spent years working with Reiki and is a certified Reiki Master as well as studying and working with the Universal language of the Tarot and offers both to her clients upon request. "It is an honor to be able to connect you to the higher side of life. Life is continuous. Those on the other side are just waiting for me to paint them back to life. My spirit in my body connects with a spirt that no longer has a physical body. I ask those in the spirit world to communicate evidential facts that will validate the continuity of life. My intention is to work with those in the spirit world, asking for as much validation as possible, so that it will leave no doubt in your mind that your loved one, or loved ones, have communicated with you in the spirit world. Much love and blessings."
Ashala L.
Ask Questions' Get Answers  - love, career, health,  locations, destiny....and more...!!!
Readings to the next level of Amazing…! Love, health, career, location, destiny, important decision making…and more! Ask Questions and Get Answers. I use a pendulum over names to give you information about love. What your partner or love interest likes, desires, needs, thinks and feels. What kind of partner and situation would be most beneficial for you? I offer Compatibility Studies: For partners, family members and coworkers. Career: What career is most advantageous for you right now and how to improve productivity. People and Animals: I can tune into what any being feels and thinks and what would help him or her. I can see what their purpose in your life is, personality, attitude, and needs. Random Specifics: I can figure out what is the most compatible choice for you: lawyer, doctor, school, college, teacher or hobby Chakras, and Health Scan: I make sure all chakras are open, allowing energy to flow. Scans determine what’s needed.
Perry N.
Psychic, Tarot Reader
I'm an experienced psychic with over 16-years of experience reading professionally but have been foretelling the future using both my psychic ability and divination since childhood. I utilize many forms of divination, including the tarot; runes; pendulum dowsing; scrying with a crystal ball, mirror, and or bowl; and also use natal astrology and forecasting. I am also naturally gifted, and utilize different psychic abilities depending on the situation: clairvoyance (psychic seeing), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairsentience (psychic feeling or sensing) and empathy (feeling others emotions, pain, etc.), claircognizance (psychic knowing) and precognition (knowing the future), clairalience or clairscent (psychic smell), and mediumship. In the case of the later, I also perform automatic writings, which is a form of channeling. I will provide answers to all of your questions in love, career, and health, and will tailor tarot spreads to your questions with in-depth solution-driven sessions. I offer readings geared toward answering questions, finding solutions to problems, and predicting the right moves to make in order to get what you want and achieve your destiny. Focus on areas of your life including: -Love & Romance -Career and Finance -Health Types of details I provide: -Dates or Time frames -Physical Characteristics, occupation sun-sign -Outcomes & Predictions -Yes/No Answers
Raising Hope
Spirituality & Religion > Astrology Spirituality & Religion > Love Guidance Spirituality & Religion > Spiritual Coaching
I have 10 years experience in Love & Relationship,Career,Healing, Dream ... Precise relationship advice without sugar coating. Helps people from all walk of life in love life, career, healing and many more things. I can tune into your any love situation, i make sure to tell you every aspect every detail of whats going on in your relationship matters,career, soul-mate
Elaine M.
Channeled readings, Mediumship
I am a Psychic Medium & Intuitive Reader who uses my intuition to offer guidance to all of my clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them.
Luke A.
love, tarot cards, career, dream analysis, past life regression, finances, family, pets
Relationship Master, Career Forecast, Tarot, Clairsentient. Luke is a talented, natural born psychic, TESTED and CERTIFIED to provide guidance in areas of love, career, finances, and other categories. Psychic Luke specializes in romantic connections of all kinds including LGBTQ. Be confident opening up honestly as he is non-judgmental and cares about your best interests. He will get you answers to any question(s) you have, like what your love interest is thinking, doing, and how to better your romantic connection. Luke is a second generation psychic and his gift allows him to share insight through any means of communication – including over the phone and through instant chat readings (PLUS - he is one of the fastest typing psychics ever). Clients often comment on his soothing voice and calming presence. Luke will turn your frantic mood into calmness in an instant. Gifted and experienced in: • Love Connections • Intuitive Readings • Tarot • Life Coaching • Dream Analysis • Past Life
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