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Tami B.
Intuitive Artist, Psychic Medium
My name is Tami Bensen and I am an Intuitive Artist & Psychic Medium. I specialize in providing sacred space to soul seekers through my Heart-Centered approach. I offer private readings where I connect to Angels, Spirit Guides or Ancestors to provide healing messages to my clients. I offer Akashic records, Mediumship, and Psychic abilities in every reading. If you were drawn here today your soul has a message for you. It would be my honor to be your soul translator. Skills & Abilities Clairvoyance “clear seeing”, Clairaudience “clear hearing”, Claircognizance “clear knowing” & Clairsentience “clear feeling.” Possessing not just one, but all of these intuitive senses, I am able to translate clear and accurate messages to my clients. Some other skills include: Angel communication, Akashic Records channeling, Trance Channeling, Translation of light langue, Visual channeled artwork, Animal communication, Crystal intuitive, Ancestral healing facilitator. I also guide monthly workshops on my very own self-healing intuitive process. “Art as a Spiritual Practice” is a unique and joyful way to help navigate your inner critic and allow yourself room to heal in a safe and loving environment. I am filled with gratitude every day that I decided to take this path, I can't imagine any other way to be in this world. What do I do? I allow the universe to work through me for you and show others how to do the same. We are all intuitive and were born fluent, in the language of the universe.
Dr Vito LaNave
Medium-Psychic- Coach- Readings
Dr Vito is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Coach, Life Coach who has been practicing over 50 years. Whether it is a relationship, Career or personal guidance. Dr Vito is rated as one of top psychic medium in the country. With thousands of satisfied clients you can feel confident with his guidance. Dr Vito has been tested to be with over 80% accuracy which is one of highest ratings in the industry.  Relax and know you are in good hands.
Murielle W.
Psychic, Intuitive Live Coach, Usui Reiki Master
Muriellle is nationally known and recommended. Murielle discovered she was psychic in 1994 at an intuition conference and realized that she could help her clients make more informed choices by tuning into their energy and offering more clarity about their issues. By looking at your past present and future she can guide you and help you Live your Best Life NOW. Murielle connects with her guides and yours to receive answers to your questions as well as guidance in your decision-making process. She also loves to share how to use the Law of Attraction and give you some pointers on how to create what you want in your life! Muriellle received her training in 1994 at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach and realized she had always been psychic. She has been on their recommended psychic list ever since. See more reviews on her website and her instant reading feedback. It is recommended that you prepare before a session so that we may address your issues with clarity. Edgar Cayce said that the more specific your question is the more specific your answer will be. You can reach Murielle at 617-909-3782. Additional Information: Murielle is a recognized Intuitive and Live Coach. She is also a Usui Reiki Master as well as a Shamballa Reiki Master Teacher.
Ashala L.
Ask Questions' Get Answers  - love, career, health,  locations, destiny....and more...!!!
Readings to the next level of Amazing…! Love, health, career, location, destiny, important decision making…and more! Ask Questions and Get Answers. I use a pendulum over names to give you information about love. What your partner or love interest likes, desires, needs, thinks and feels. What kind of partner and situation would be most beneficial for you? I offer Compatibility Studies: For partners, family members and coworkers. Career: What career is most advantageous for you right now and how to improve productivity. People and Animals: I can tune into what any being feels and thinks and what would help him or her. I can see what their purpose in your life is, personality, attitude, and needs. Random Specifics: I can figure out what is the most compatible choice for you: lawyer, doctor, school, college, teacher or hobby Chakras, and Health Scan: I make sure all chakras are open, allowing energy to flow. Scans determine what’s needed.
Kailei P.
Psychic, Medium
Quick Accurate Answers!Hello! My name is Kailei and I come from a long lineage of psychic/mediums being that I am a 5th generation psychic and a 6th generation medium, like my mother, Ashyn also does readings.I have been doing psychic/medium readings my entire life, picking messages up from my spirit guides for my friends and family even accidentally and seeing auras as early as age three. This is also the age that I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy.Since then I pushed away my abilities and empathetic nature to my teen years to truly focus on my health as well as my education.I graduated from a Performing Arts High School where I majored in Visual Arts, from there I moved on to earn an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Northampton Area Community College. Currently, I study at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University.In the midst of all of that collegiate level schooling, I felt my true passion come to light. One of those passions is helping other people. Through that avenue, I created a non-profit organization called “This is My Body Project” promoting healthy body image and overall positive energies to those around us.Now I am focusing most of my efforts into learning, embracing and being a practicing psychic.Thank you for your interest in my work!
Wilma V.
Tarot Counselor, Yoga Instructor
No long lineage to boast, no "blessed from birth" talent, just a passionate student of Tarot and magick, and years of hardwork and study. Hi, my name is Wilma and I am a Tarot Reader, Witch and Tarot Deck Creator of multiple tarot decks: The Blood, Bread & Roses Tarot, The Vintage Erotic Tarot and The Floating Pixie Tarot. Are you seeking some insight into your situation? Whether it be Love, Career, or just the day to day struggles, it is my intention to improve your wellbeing, and help you with difficult decisions through the magickal insight gained from Tarot. As a practicing Witch and Intuitive Tarot Reader with 25 years experience. I have spent years honing my craft with daily spiritual practice to make connections with Spirit in which I can offer some insight for your questions. I love the connection that is made with clients and the insight and help that I can provide through tarot. I am also starkly honest and forthright and think humor is a brilliant coping mechanism. Consequently, I offer tarot consultations with a large heaping dose of irreverent humor and deep compassion.
Michelle S
Relationships, Love, Family, Careers, Finances, Energy Readings, Mediumship, Energy Healings
Hello, I am Michelle. I am a Psychic Intuitive and have been giving readings online for 7 years. As an energy reader and healer, I give accurate, descriptive information that as straight forward as possible. Most clients are looking for validation for issues. Whether it be a career, finances, relationships, health, and life in general. I really enjoy working with great people because everyone has a story. I look forward to making more connections and will be adding some articles as well.
Jodi H.
Intuitive Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath
I am Jody, an Intuitive Medium. I have the gift of being clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empath (feeling). These gifts give me the ability to see, hear, feel and know things that we don’t normally access with our “normal” five senses. I have had experiences, dreamed of things to happen and known/felt things my entire life. I use my gifts to help others to feel connected to God and spirit where I am able to get information for you regarding your career, financial situation, health, travel, and love life…any situation that you may want to know about. There are several ways that I get information: I hear/know information. I see images. I feel physical symptoms and pain. I get examples of other people, things and situations to share to explain the information I get. When I get this information I am able to combine it with my personal and business experience to offer insight into your situation and to share helpful coaching and advice. I do not use or need tarot cards, a pendulum, crystals or crystal ball, runes or any other divining device to read for you although I can and do use them occasionally. I simply get the information from God, my spirit guides and the angels. When I read for someone they get what they need to hear as well as the information that they ask for. I will always ask you if you really want to know the truth about any situation and I will not hide anything or not be honest. I don’t feel it's fair to hide the truth if you honestly want to know something and I have been given the information (and there are times when I won't be given the answer…especially if it's something that you aren't supposed to know). But I will always tell you the truth. It is my honor to read for anyone who wants to have a reading with me. I am available for private one on readings, parties, and events. To schedule a time please contact me at 248-302-4648 or email me at jody@connectedbyspirit.com.
Cathy A.
Health, Relationships, Finances, Anxiety, Illnesses, Pain, Self-Esteem, Personal Empowerment
Clairvoyant Multidimensional Energetic Transformation & Healing. I am a clairvoyant practitioner of multidimensional, quantum transformation and energy healing and a Matrix Energetics® Certified Practitioner.  I am a lifelong mystic, student of Seth, and student of quantum physics, and have used my abilities for the past ten years to help hundreds of clients manifest more joy, success, abundance and health in their lives.  I'll see the energetic ideas that keep you stuck in illness, struggle, lack and anxiety, share useful insights, and help you shift into your best possible self.  PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT MAKE PREDICTIONS ABOUT THE FUTURE, NOR DO I TELL CLIENTS WHAT THEY SHOULD DO.  My job is to move you into vibrational alignment with a better, happier, healthier possible version of yourself - IT IS UP TO YOU TO ACCEPT AND EXPERIENCE THE CHANGES. I do not rush sessions, please schedule at least 40 minutes with me, and if possible, a full hour.
Khalid I.
clairvoyant, Love and relationship, Dating issues , career and finances,
i have helped people from all walks of life and have used my spiritual gift to help guide others, I can help you to know what you can expect from future and how things will fall for you. I have improved my abilities and powers by meditating and utilizing my energies
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