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This Too Shall Pass- by Michele Schumacher

Coronavirus is a real thing now. Was this God’s wakeup call to the World to practice self-care and self-awareness?  Michelle Schumacher Gray

So the Coronavirus is a real thing now. Was this God’s wakeup call to the World to practice self-care and self awareness? The entire planet is affected whether it is economically or physically. I want to believe that everyone is doing their part to not spread the COVID-19 to others by staying close to home.

Some people are not going to follow the mandated (by the President or State Governor) instructions of staying indoors. I have seen online a number of Tweets, Facebook, and other social media "shamers" that feel the need to point a finger to anyone that cannot follow the rules. Clearly not the first nor last time for rebellion. Just that it may lead to dire consequences for the individual or their family member.

I just saw on the news a beach down in Florida (how am I not surprised) full of people. Many of them were young; college age on their extended Spring Break. A young woman was interviewed stating that she didn’t feel that being out on the beach would get her sick. I cannot fault her for her views. Maybe she won’t; I hope she won’t get the virus. For her and her friends that were featured felt that they were immune to it.

This is a clear case of living her own life. Is it selfish? I am not sure at this point. Every news program, every article in magazines, newspaper, memes, etc. It is ALL that is featured! There is zero way of getting away from the fear mongering and gloomy forecast of the outcome.

EVERYTHING IS CLOSED! Social distancing is a mandate to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I have seen more people going for walks outside because like them, I get squirrely staying in my house all day.

I am not a huge TV watcher - anyone that really knows me knows that I cannot watch TV all day. Mostly because I am not a NEWS watcher and MOST programs are full of crap or bullshit. However, people have to do something during this forced quarantine. So have at it! Netflix, movies, board games, talking on the phone. Take a walk outside or bike ride. Keeping sane and calm is imperative. So maybe limiting the NEWS feeds might be in your best interest.

There is some good coming out of the restrictions. Many countries are seeing a decrease in smog, industry polluting, and clearer water ways for wildlife. It is nice to see some good news from the restrictions.

I believe that we are all connected and people just want to get back to their routines as soon as possible. At this time, it is important to stay safe for yourself, your family, and others that you are normally within contact. Stay safe and have faith that this ends soon.

This too shall pass.

Michelle Schumacher Gray

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