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Hello everyone! For those that don't know me, here's a little background on me. I am a very intuitive individual who has the ability to feel people's energy. Information flows through me in a very fluid manner. I have always felt I was destined to do something special in life given my sensitivity to energy. Over the last few years, I have encountered various trials and tribulations which have served to open the light within me and allowed me to awaken spiritually. This is a process I am still undergoing and I am growing because of it each day. Currently, as well as consistently I am always finding ways to educate myself about the Spiritual World and what it has to offer for people like us. In addition, though to what it has to offer, I like to see what there is that I can learn more about so that in return can be offered to my clients. My abilities are natural and were passed down to me through my family but I always like to continue in my studies so that I won't miss an opportunity to share something discovered with my clients. Old or New techniques I am going to learn and grow from my own spiritual path. I have practiced my abilities also at the famous Monroe Institute and at the Rhine Research Center. I have also had 1000’s of clients from across the world come to me, looking for help and I will always try my best to be the best that I can be to serve. A few thoughts to ponder when considering a reading: Freewill. We all have free will and the ability to choose which path to take in life. That said, I may provide you with information and advice that you may choose to disregard entirely and I am OK with that. Ultimately, I am not here to convince you of anything or force you to follow a path or take action. The reality is that you may be uncomfortable, need to think about your choices or might simply not be prepared to make a decision just yet. It is entirely up to you. This is the concept of free will and in essence, what makes us human. Please keep in mind, however, if in a reading I am pulling energy around a current situation and I predict a particular outcome but something else transpires instead, this does not mean I read incorrectly but rather the subject we were discussing changed their mind, thus creating an alternative outcome. I can tell you what I see at that particular moment, however, a subject's free will can change the future. That choice is invariably what makes us human! My readings are honest and I do not sugar coat. You may not like what you hear but I will provide the answers you are seeking, even if they may be difficult to digest or not as positive as you had hoped. Best Regards, Allastor EXPERIENCE Highly Talented and Qualified in Advising on matters such as Love, Finances, Spiritual Guidance, Healing, General, Past Life, Automatic Writing. Every reading is a respected, honest, compassionate, and a Gift. :) Readings have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. It was how I was raised and what my mother believed in from her mother. Reading people was something I have always been able to do. This all included psychically, tarot, Spiritual, 1 on 1 communication with Spirit and more.I have serviced well over 12,000 readings throughout the world. I have been to the famous Monroe Institute in search of more knowledge and qualification of the Spiritual World and in addition, I have also attended the Rhine Research Center for developing further into my own abilities! I am constantly progressing each day as I firmly believe in staying "updated". Its one thing to be gifted but it's another thing to be Gifted and Updated. I am at your service! :)