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Ashala L.

Psychic, Love, Career, Health, Destiny

Readings to the next level of Amazing…! Love, health, career, location, destiny, important decision making…and more! Ask Questions and Get Answers. I use a pendulum over names to give you information about love. What your partner or love interest likes, desires, needs, thinks and feels. What kind of partner and situation would be most beneficial for you? I offer Compatibility Studies: For partners, family members and coworkers. Career: What career is most advantageous for you right now and how to improve productivity. People and Animals: I can tune into what any being feels and thinks and what would help him or her. I can see what their purpose in your life is, personality, attitude, and needs. Random Specifics: I can figure out what is the most compatible choice for you: lawyer, doctor, school, college, teacher or hobby Chakras, and Health Scan: I make sure all chakras are open, allowing energy to flow. Scans determine what’s needed.


Ask Questions' Get Answers  - love, career, health,  locations, destiny....and more...!!!