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Carole G.

Psychic Medium

Third Generation Psychic Medium with 40+ years of experience. It is my pleasure to offer service to Intuity Psychics and share my gifts to help bring clarity to the lives of others. I am a CLAIRVOYANT, CLAIRAUDIENT, CLAIRSENTIENT, and EMPATH with the ability to see, hear, sense, and feel spirit and their messages. I have been readings for 40+ years and offering online readings for the past 14-years allowing spirit to work through me, to bringing your messages in every area of your life. Often, we view our life from one angle, when spirit can open up your thinking and show you possibilities that you may have never considered before. People can get very stuck in their lives and as a result, feel alone and often abandoned by others. Spirit aims to give you the best possible advice to get your life moving forward again and many times there is a very simple solution to what may have held you back for years. Please be open to the guidance you receive, you may ask a question about your career and spirit want to communicate about your love life!


Psychic Medium