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Cathy A.


Clairvoyant Multidimensional Energetic Transformation & Healing. I am a clairvoyant practitioner of multidimensional, quantum transformation and energy healing and a Matrix Energetics® Certified Practitioner.  I am a lifelong mystic, student of Seth, and student of quantum physics, and have used my abilities for the past ten years to help hundreds of clients manifest more joy, success, abundance and health in their lives.  I'll see the energetic ideas that keep you stuck in illness, struggle, lack and anxiety, share useful insights, and help you shift into your best possible self.  PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT MAKE PREDICTIONS ABOUT THE FUTURE, NOR DO I TELL CLIENTS WHAT THEY SHOULD DO.  My job is to move you into vibrational alignment with a better, happier, healthier possible version of yourself - IT IS UP TO YOU TO ACCEPT AND EXPERIENCE THE CHANGES. I do not rush sessions, please schedule at least 40 minutes with me, and if possible, a full hour.


Health, Relationships, Finances, Anxiety, Illnesses, Pain, Self-Esteem, Personal Empowerment