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Debra S


Highly popular in NZ and Australia, Debs is pleased to offer her readings for the USA now. Debs is a specialized psychic energy reader with strong empathetic qualities that she combines with her ability as a pure channel; this means she can very quickly pick up very detailed points of reference. This unique reading style is much more concentrated, meaning you get a lot of specific, relevant information through in a shorter amount of time. "Fast validation, and key points of evidential reference without lots of questions to the client, provides proof of a strong and authentic connection in psychic- medium and clairvoyant readings. It is a key factor in determining the true ability of a reader. Therefore being able to provide this immediate information via Spirit, that is true and specific to each client, is something that I am very proud of". A wonderful Reader whose intricate details and insight will leave you amazed, and uplifted. Use of all the clair senses brings further details to your reading with Debs. Get an instant reading here or browse my website for other options. HER CONSISTENT PSYCHIC ACCURACY WITH AMAZING INSIGHT IS REFLECTED BY MANY GENUINE EXCEPTIONAL REVIEWS & REPEAT CLIENTS! You will quickly understand why this highly talented reader is often referred to by her clients as one of the best and most authentic telephone and in-person psychic readers! A RELAXED, FLOWING AND EFFORTLESS NATURAL PSYCHIC CONNECTION! Debs is also a highly gifted SPIRITUAL MEDIUM and can connect you with loved ones (human and animals) who have passed over to the other side. It is best to book for these sessions. MEDICAL INTUITIVE/EMPATHETIC HEALING READINGS are available however these are pre-booked because of the time needed and the detail involved. You can learn more about these ones by visiting my site. Regards Debra


Psychic Energy Reader