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Wilma V.

Tarot Counselor, Yoga Instructor

No long lineage to boast, no "blessed from birth" talent, just a passionate student of Tarot and magick, and years of hardwork and study. Hi, my name is Wilma and I am a Tarot Reader, Witch and Tarot Deck Creator of multiple tarot decks: The Blood, Bread & Roses Tarot, The Vintage Erotic Tarot and The Floating Pixie Tarot. Are you seeking some insight into your situation? Whether it be Love, Career, or just the day to day struggles, it is my intention to improve your wellbeing, and help you with difficult decisions through the magickal insight gained from Tarot. As a practicing Witch and Intuitive Tarot Reader with 25 years experience. I have spent years honing my craft with daily spiritual practice to make connections with Spirit in which I can offer some insight for your questions. I love the connection that is made with clients and the insight and help that I can provide through tarot. I am also starkly honest and forthright and think humor is a brilliant coping mechanism. Consequently, I offer tarot consultations with a large heaping dose of irreverent humor and deep compassion.


Tarot Counselor, Yoga Instructor