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Janice N.


Find clarity. I'm a Natural, Born Psychic, Living In Light Practitioner. Shamanic Healer, Soul Path Visionary, and Energy Medicine Practitioner with the ability to see into you and your ancestors’ past, present, and future. In this work, the intention is to help you clarify mental, emotional, physical and spiritual stuck patterns and blocks using information from the spirit realm. Increase Love, Health, and Prosperity in Your Life. I'm a Natural Born Psychic, Healer, and Intuitive Love Coach. I can help you attract the love, health and prosperity you desire. In sessions, you’ll gain insight into your biggest life questions, as well as, practical tools you can consistently use to create the life you want. Each session helps you focus on what you want to receive while clearing the path for you to receive. Release and heal. We’ll uncover the shadows, traumas, and wounds you and your ancestors have. We’ll release what no longer works in your life and/or create new agreements for what can work. If called upon we will also bring back soul fragments you’ve left behind during times of pain and confusion. This will help you come back to a state of wholeness and clarity. Find your gifts and empower yourself. If your session is about gaining clarity and direction in your life, we can demystify your Soul Purpose. This ultimately empowers you to walk on this planet in a way that’s aligned with only YOU in mind. Let’s uncover your greatest gifts and how to best use them. Start living a phenomenal life right now. Transform your life. My approach to all the work I do is both woo-woo and grounded. I use practical techniques and applications that are easily accessible. Most importantly, it works! I transformed myself from a brokenhearted, financially challenged single mom to a joyous, amazing woman who ABSOLUTELY LOVES HER LIFE. I work with hundreds of people all over the world who’ve had the same results. Wherever you are on your journey—you CAN have a life of love! Let me show you how.


Psychic, Intuitive Life Coach, Living in Light Practitioner, Shamanic Healer