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Jenny S.


Jenny is one of the best Multidimensional Mediums & also a great Author. she has worked on High Profiled Missing Persons cases Jenny is a multidimensional internationally recognized medium, author and remote viewer who channels what Spirit says in a very natural way. She does not use tools of any kind when she completes readings and depends solely on her Spirit Guides and the spiritual energy around you to gain information. She believes that Spirit talks to each and every one of us, but most of us don’t know how to listen for it. Jenny often assists in fraud and missing person cases using her abilities and has been featured in many TV interviews and publications, discussing her abilities and how she works a case. When you have a reading with Jenny, she will teach you how to listen to Spirit. A professional for over three decades, Jenny is here to bring the truth to light. She knows that while the truth isn’t always positive or uplifting, it’s always beneficial to your life path.

Twin Valley

Medium- ship Remote Viewer Seer, Spiritual Teacher