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Joani V.

Psychic, Oracle Cards, Tarot

Joani offers readings using Wisdom of the Tao Oracle cards. Her readings using the Oracle cards, can help you understand the situation that you are currently experiencing or what is the best direction to take in your life. These cards, created by Mei Jin Lu, PHD, is an unique oracle system that is original and is not found anywhere in the world. Taoism is an esoteric and ancient philosophy. Its wisdom is not easily accessible or well understood, especially by Westerners, but it is rich in symbolism and useful information. The Wisdom of Tao oracle card system was devised with a desire to carry on the work of the sages and to share it with the Western world which is understandable. It is a complete oracle system that helps us understand our own journey in life. This Taoist divination system was inspired by the mysticism of ancient tarot, culture, philosophy, history, and interpersonal psychology. There are three levels to this 45 card structure. Each one works collaboratively to bring the wisdom and living experience of Tao through the historical figures, sages, and animal spirits. The top level of 22 cards provides spiritual guidance for the journey of the soul. The other two levels consists of 11 elements and 12 zodiac animals. They are designed to help you understand yourself and your environment and guide you to find directions and answers. Joani has been studying and practicing metaphysics, intuition, energy healing, tarot and meditation for over 30 + years with various teachers in both USA and Europe. She is a practitioner of IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) and Usui & Jikiden Reiki. She became a 2nd Step Ritual Master with the Rocky Mountain Mystery School. Joani has studied under Shulamit Elson in Kaballah Sound Healing. Joani is a Tibetan Buddhist and has studied Buddhist meditation practice. She had also studied with Marc Beriault on Wisdom of the Tree and has taken workshops with Denise Linn and Sun Bear. She has also studied Tarot and Wisdom of the Tao oracle cards. Joani has been a student of Mei Jin Lu - the creator of the Wisdom of the Tao Oracle cards, who is a direct descendant of the Taoist master Lu Dongbin, as well as the 25th generation lineage holder of the Quanzhen sect. ​ She uses all of her education over the years in both healing and metaphysics and brings it into her work with people and animals. She is availalble on Mondays - Weds - Fridays from 6-10 PM and on Sundays from 1 - 5 Easterm Standard Time. If you would like to make an appointment - contact her through the site.


Oracle Cards, Tarot,