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Joy E.


Joy Elle is a gentle yet powerful psychic. Talking with her is like having a friend who has walked alongside your experience. She does not rely on any tools and only depends on her powerful psychic abilities. Her uncanny abilities allow her to tune into your energy and the energy around you in order to pick up on situations and people. With little to no information, Joy Elle will reveal the truth about any situation with absolute clarity. She often communicates with angels and spirit guides during her psychic readings. She is able to communicate with deceased loved ones and offer messages to those who are seeking closure and understanding. Joy Elle is also a psychic animal communicator, providing messages from animals both alive and deceased. There is one trait to Joy Elle that surpasses all her abilities and that is the size of her heart. She is truly an angel here with an incredible gift. Joy Elle is also an Ordained Minister, Certified Cantor and Certified Reiki Master.

Ft. Lauderdale

Intuitive Mediums, Pet Psychic