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Relationship, Career, Energy Healing, Psychic

Receive detailed guidance on Love, Relationship, Career, Life Situations, and Money. I am a Master Psychic with 17 years of experience. I tune into what is happening energetically to facilitate the best shift, release, and transformation possible. I offer readings and healings over email, phone, or video. I'm skilled at finding energy blocks and patterns, releasing stagnant energy, and setting up energetic protection, boundaries, and filters (great for Empaths!). I am is the founder of the Jyllicious™ Ignite Your Intuition Academy where I teach you how to tap into and improve your Intuitive and Spiritual Gifts so you feel trust and confidence in the messages you are receiving. In 2003, I had a powerful, life-changing session with Richard Bartlett, founder of Matrix Energetics. I proceeded to learn everything I could about Energy Transformation and Metaphysics. I became a Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer. I began learning about and practicing my intuition on a daily basis. In 2011, I created my own Jyllicious™ Healing style that encompasses everything learned in other modalities, my Intuition, as well as Channeled Information from my Spirit Team and other Angelic beings. I look forward to helping you receive Healing shifts, Guidance, and confirmation of your own intuition as you Journey through life!


relationship, career, Energy Healing, Psychic