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Sergio P.

Psychic, Medium

I have been in the Psychic/Mediumship Field for over 10-years now, and in all this time I have learned from experience how to channel my abilities to help bring insight and clarity into people's lives. As a reader, I tune into energy using my Clairvoyant abilities to see your aura and energy surrounding your situation, along with claircognizance and Empathy to better relate and "know" things as to help shed clarification and detailed answers. I also work hand in hand with spirit for all my readings but am also gifted as a medium so I can act as a connection between you and spirit.I also have training in Tibetan Mo, which with the help of a die, I am able to channel wisdom/insight from Bodhisattva Cundi and use it to help provide answers to people's questions. I also am trained in Pendulum work and Mantra empowerment.

St. Charles

Psychic Medium