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Mary O.

Psychic, Medium

Welcome! As a psychic, a medium, hypnotherapist, and life coach, my guides and I have helped people through the ups and downs of their lives with practical and compassionate advice for nearly 25 years. Whether you need guidance in relationships, career, life path, your pets, how your past lives may be influencing your present (akashic records), or just a safe place to reveal your own inner awareness, I can help. As your Soul Scout, I work with two sets of primary Guides. The first is a trio of Archangels, that collectively call themselves, Anantha (Sanskrit for “without end”). Anantha imparts their own wisdom, as well as connecting us with your Guides, and the appropriate energies/entities specific to your needs. The second set is made up of five healing entities, that I like to call the “Mighty Five”. Don’t be surprised if you feel a little warmth or tingling during the reading! Whatever your issue or question, we’ll do our best to bring you clarity, balance, and joy. PS Save time and money by having your specific questions written down and ready!

Los Angeles

Psychic Medium