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Perry N.


I'm an experienced psychic with over 16-years of experience reading professionally but have been foretelling the future using both my psychic ability and divination since childhood. I utilize many forms of divination, including the tarot; runes; pendulum dowsing; scrying with a crystal ball, mirror, and or bowl; and also use natal astrology and forecasting. I am also naturally gifted, and utilize different psychic abilities depending on the situation: clairvoyance (psychic seeing), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairsentience (psychic feeling or sensing) and empathy (feeling others emotions, pain, etc.), claircognizance (psychic knowing) and precognition (knowing the future), clairalience or clairscent (psychic smell), and mediumship. In the case of the later, I also perform automatic writings, which is a form of channeling. I will provide answers to all of your questions in love, career, and health, and will tailor tarot spreads to your questions with in-depth solution-driven sessions. I offer readings geared toward answering questions, finding solutions to problems, and predicting the right moves to make in order to get what you want and achieve your destiny. Focus on areas of your life including: -Love & Romance -Career and Finance -Health Types of details I provide: -Dates or Time frames -Physical Characteristics, occupation sun-sign -Outcomes & Predictions -Yes/No Answers

Ft. Lauderdale

Psychic, Tarot Reader