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Robyn W.

Psychic & Evidential Medium

"I love my work. As a psychic & evidential medium, I am able to help people every single day. To me, there is nothing better than connecting you with your loved ones in the spirit world or sharing guidance for assistance when you have specific questions about your life path." Robyn began seeing spirit at two years of age and as a child, thought this was just a normal occurrence. She has been practicing as a psychic & evidential medium for 10+ years and currently teaches both psychic and mediumship development workshops and gives evidential mediumship readings to clients worldwide. Robyn has also spent years working with Reiki and is a certified Reiki Master as well as studying and working with the Universal language of the Tarot and offers both to her clients upon request. "It is an honor to be able to connect you to the higher side of life. Life is continuous. Those on the other side are just waiting for me to paint them back to life. My spirit in my body connects with a spirt that no longer has a physical body. I ask those in the spirit world to communicate evidential facts that will validate the continuity of life. My intention is to work with those in the spirit world, asking for as much validation as possible, so that it will leave no doubt in your mind that your loved one, or loved ones, have communicated with you in the spirit world. Much love and blessings."


Psychic & Evidential Medium