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Tami B.

Intuitive Artist, Psychic Medium

My name is Tami Bensen and I am an Intuitive Artist & Psychic Medium. I specialize in providing sacred space to soul seekers through my Heart-Centered approach. I offer private readings where I connect to Angels, Spirit Guides or Ancestors to provide healing messages to my clients. I offer Akashic records, Mediumship, and Psychic abilities in every reading. If you were drawn here today your soul has a message for you. It would be my honor to be your soul translator. Skills & Abilities Clairvoyance “clear seeing”, Clairaudience “clear hearing”, Claircognizance “clear knowing” & Clairsentience “clear feeling.” Possessing not just one, but all of these intuitive senses, I am able to translate clear and accurate messages to my clients. Some other skills include: Angel communication, Akashic Records channeling, Trance Channeling, Translation of light langue, Visual channeled artwork, Animal communication, Crystal intuitive, Ancestral healing facilitator. I also guide monthly workshops on my very own self-healing intuitive process. “Art as a Spiritual Practice” is a unique and joyful way to help navigate your inner critic and allow yourself room to heal in a safe and loving environment. I am filled with gratitude every day that I decided to take this path, I can't imagine any other way to be in this world. What do I do? I allow the universe to work through me for you and show others how to do the same. We are all intuitive and were born fluent, in the language of the universe.


Intuitive Artist, Psychic Medium