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Troy G.

Psychic, Medium, Life Advisor, Spiritual Advisor

God gave me these gifts and I only charge what I feel is a good fee that is affordable for many. My gifts are free, I charge for my time to cover my bills and monthly expenses. I have completed 14,000 reading over the past 15-years. Professional, ethical, syraight forward, NO BS. No fluff. No cards or tools, 100% natural God given gifts. I have been featured on ABC News Nightline, ABC News7 NY, ABC News Atlanta, ABC Action News2, Fox News21, The CW San Diego Living, Eye Opener TV, Kansas Wichita Eagle, The Denver Post, Westword, NEWSJS, WLOX ABC Bounce, WMUZ 103.5FM, 98.9 Magic FM, Christians Today, and Psychic Access Talk Radio, among others. Clients around the world. Troy has been recognized as one of the Top 10 psychics by the Top 10 network.

Los Angeles

Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath